With an increasing number of bicyclists on the road, bicycle collisions are on the rise. Savannah is particularly well-suited for biking with its warm weather, flat riding conditions and an abundance of bike lanes. In fact, Savannah boasts more than 20 miles of marked bike lanes. Unfortunately, the large number of cyclists also results in an increased risk of bicycle accidents.    If you’ve been injured in a bicycle accident crash, Bass Law has the necessary bike-crash experience to ensure you receive full compensation for your injuries.

Bicycle Rights and Responsibilities

Bicycles have the same rights and responsibilities on public roads as cars. As such, cyclists are required to ride on the right-hand side of the road, obey traffic signs and signals, and communicate their intentions. Cyclists who violate traffic laws are subject to the same penalties as motor vehicles.

Safely Sharing the Road with Bikes

Unlike passengers in an automobile, bike riders have little to no protection if they are involved in a collision. When approaching or passing a bicycle, motor vehicles should use extra precaution. Savannah has a huge tourism industry, and while that is great for our city, it is not always great for cyclists. Often, drivers are so busy taking in the sights of the city that they are not alert to bicyclists in the vicinity. Further, drivers often overlook clearly marked bike lanes. A bicyclist who is struck by an automobile often suffers devastating injuries or death which could have easily been avoided had the automobile driver paid better attention to his or her surroundings.

The DOs and DON’Ts of Bicycle Collisions

What to Do: What Not to Do:
●      Do call 911

●      Do tell police what happened

●      Do take photos/videos of the crash scene

●      Do get contact information for any witnesses

●      Do not leave the scene

●      Do not discuss the crash with others

●      Do not make a statement to an insurance company

●      Do not post on social media about the crash

If you are injured in a bike collision, you need an experienced bicycle accident attorney to ensure full and fair compensation for your injuries and damages. Because we work on a contingency basis, your legal fees and litigation costs are paid out of your recovery. You only pay if we win! At Bass Law, we are motivated to recover the best result for you in the most efficient and effective way possible. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation.

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