Yes. In Georgia, it is possible to have both a workers’ compensation claim and a personal injury claim for injuries arising from a single accident. If you are injured on the job, a workers’ compensation claim is the “exclusive remedy” you have against your employer.

However, if someone other than your employer or fellow employee was responsible for your injuries, you may also have a personal injury claim. Common examples include where an employee is injured in a trucking or motor vehicle accident while driving for work; where an employee is injured by an employee of another company while working alongside one another such as during the unloading of a truck; where an employee is injured in a slip and fall accident at a location outside of the workplace; and where an employee is injured due to defective machinery or other equipment.

At Bass Law, we thoroughly investigate workplace accidents to determine whether a third party may be held liable. This is particularly important in catastrophic cases where workers’ compensation benefits rarely cover all of the losses resulting from an injury. A personal injury claim entitles you to compensation for certain damages, such as pain and suffering, which are not covered by workers’ compensation benefits. You can pursue both claims at the same time, and the success of your personal injury claim is not dependent on your workers’ compensation claim.

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