Referrals & Associations

Attorney Referrals and Associations

Bass Law is proud that so many attorneys have referred clients to our firm over the years. In fact, attorney-referred clients make up approximately 85% of our client base and have accounted for the tremendous growth of our firm.

Types of Referral Relationships

While we are open to discussing any number of arrangements, the most common arrangements in which we engage with fellow attorneys are as follows:

  • 1.​ Handling cases in Georgia or Florida that have been referred by attorneys who either do ​​​not practice in these states or do not handle personal injury cases;
  • 2.​ Acting as local counsel for attorneys outside of this jurisdiction who associate our firm ​​​as their local representation; and
  • 3.​ Acting as co-counsel for attorneys who find a case too costly to handle on their own or ​​​beyond their realm of experience.

Treatment of Clients

At Bass Law, we strive for excellence in all of our cases and treat every client with high priority. When an attorney refers clients to Bass Law, you can be assured that we will promptly return phone calls and emails, regularly keep clients updated on their cases, aggressively fight for the best possible result and handle each case with the utmost professionalism. Our goal is to balance aggressive representation with compassion and to utilize our unique skills to obtain the utmost recovery for each client. Moreover, with attorney-referred cases, we are happy to provide periodic updates to the referring attorneys and to allow the referring attorneys as much or as little involvement in the case as they and the client desire.

Referral Fees

Referral fees are promptly paid on all attorney-referred cases in accordance with the requirements set forth by the State Bar of Georgia or The Florida Bar, depending on the jurisdiction.

Endorsements from Referring Attorneys

  • “I referred cases to Dondra Bass [O’Neal] of Bass Law because I know that anyone referred to her office will be treated with the respect, compassion and professionalism that all clients should demand. Moreover, to my knowledge, everyone who I have referred to Bass Law has been very pleased with her services and the results that she has obtained in their case.”
    Stephanie O. Burgess, Esquire
  • “I never hesitate to refer clients to Dondra. She provides representation with excellence and thoroughness. Her experience and dedication to the field places her in a minority few that I trust wholeheartedly.”
    Van’Nessa Lotson, Esquire
  • I have known Dondra for over 20 years now. I would not and have not hesitated in referring her clients that I could not help in Georgia. She has always treated myself and the clients I have referred to her with the utmost respect and professionalism.
    Richard C. Millian, Esquire
  • I have known Dondra both personally and professionally for over 20 years. Without hesitation, I have referred many cases to her. She is thorough, professional, and her results speak volumes about her abilities. She is truly an asset to our profession.
    Kristen Panico, Esquire