Product Liability

Product Liability

Each year thousands of consumers are injured or killed because of dangerous and defective products. Despite improvements continually being made to products by their manufacturers, there are still thousands of product recalls every year in the U.S.

Generally, product liability claims fall into three categories:

  • (1) manufacturing defects;
  • (2) design defects; and
  • (3) warning defects.
    • Cases involving claims of product liability tend to be more costly and complex than other personal injury cases. First, potential defendants may include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, wholesalers and assemblers. Because the defendants are often large corporations, they have seemingly unlimited resources to fight the case. Often, a defendant corporation is headquartered in another state or even a foreign country and has a large legal team to fight these types of cases. Second, nearly all product liability cases require the hiring of an expert, as these cases frequently involve complicated engineering or scientific issues. The expert will often need to perform experiments, conduct studies or perform accident reconstructions to develop the opinions about which he or she will testify at trial. Finally, the time frame in which an injured person may file a product liability lawsuit is not as straightforward as in other injury cases, due to the peculiar nature of product liability claims.

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